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FAQ's / Tips

Getting Ready for Winter

Now that the cold weather is here, be sure to shut off your outside hose connections inside the house, and open up your spickets outside.

Monitoring Leaks

  • Keep an eye on leaky faucets and running toilets, as they can very quickly take money out of your pocket.
  • How to check for leaks: Check your meter. The red triangle on the meter should not be moving if there is no water being used. Check the toilet(s). Put food coloring in the tank. (DO NOT FLUSH.) After approximately 30 minutes, if any of the coloring appears in the bowl, there is a leak.

Conserving Water

  • Water your garden/lawn in the morning. (When watering, 1” of water every three days will establish healthy roots.)
  • Install water savers on all faucets, including showerheads.
  • Fix leaking faucets.
  • Fill sink rather than leaving tap running when shaving, washing hands, or doing dishes.
  • Do not run water when brushing teeth.
  • Run washing machine or dishwasher only when full.

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